Terms And Conditions Of Twin Spin Free

Like any other Casino game, this game is also available for the adults only. It means that anyone who is 18 years of age or above can play this game. In case you are not an adult and still making the account then your account will be suspended or you will not be able to proceed further.

To check whether you are of 18 years or not you will be asked to submit few documents as an evidence to prove that you are an adult. Some of these documents are driving license, passport or any other official id which can prove that you are an adult.

Casino game twin spin

You cannot use this account for any business purpose for making a profit because this is made for entertainment purpose only. You are not allowed to make any business with this account or try to make any sort of profit or deals.

Some more Conditions!

Another condition is that no one other than the registered play can have access to the game. Also, you cannot allow anyone to play on your behalf. Only the registered player will play the game and no other person or third party will access it. In case you are found guilty then your account will be suspended or blocked permanently and the minimum deposit will not be refunded to you.

Various countries have various legal restrictions which also apply to this game. You have to check on your own whether your country is restricted from playing this game or not. Only the players whose country is not on the restricted list can access the game.

online game rules twin spin

It is important to remember that you should not provide any fraudulent or wrong information related to your bank account or personal information. All the information provided should be true and legal.  In any case, your information is not correct or misleading then your account will be blocked or suspended permanently and you will be restricted from playing this game.

How to Close the Account?

If you want to close the account, start by canceling any outstanding offers. You have to contact support and request for closing your account. After this, funds will be automatically transfer to your account. They may reduce withdrawal charges. For an inactive account, the team will send an email regarding the maintenance fees to be paid. Before your account becomes dormant you have to log in to make sure that you are still active.

What about the Deposits?

There is a deposit column where you can find bill payment methods. When you do the payment method you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned under it so carefully selected payment method.

You have to select the currency to make the payment. No other currency will be accepted other than that from your country.

Whenever you win the bet the amount will be directly deposited in your account. But in case if the amount is mistakenly credited to your account then it will be deducted from the account without any prior information.

You have to provide the true information like your address, your email ID, your bank statement etc. only one address can be registered for a particular account. You cannot make two accounts for the same address.

Some basic information to open your account:

First of all enter twin spin free casino game in the search engine. Now the website opens. You can also play free version or for money for which you will have to sign up or register yourself. For this purpose, you have to open your account by clicking the option open account.

Enter some basic detail like your full name, complete and correct address, valid and active email id. Add native country, mobile number, date of birth.  Your age should be above 18 years to play the game. So these are some basic details which are necessary to open the account.